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We face many obstacles, challenges, problematic circumstances on a daily basis. Many of which seem overwhelming, it seems like there is always something with the job, the children, the house, the spouse, and of course the finances. These things seem to follow us around, and take turns, not completely destroying us but disrupting us just enough for us to be frustrated.

We finally get to a point that we say, i don't know what else to do, I am at my wits end, I give. This is also the point that many say well, i guess all i can do is pray. Treating prayer as if it is the last line of defense, when it should actually be our first weapon. When we encounter a challenge, it doesn't matter how large, or small, the Word of God tells us to pray first. Phil.4:6 tells us to "be anxious for nothing, but all things by prayer and supplication."

My point to you today is that prayer is essential, but Faith unlocks the door. When we face challenges, and we do take them to God in prayer, we MUST believe that God hears us, and will answer our prayer. Many believe that God is there, God hears prayer, and that God answers prayer, but then the question becomes will God hear my prayer? will God answer my prayer?

I submit to you in this blog YES HE WILL. The Key is faith, you must exercise your faith muscle, faith let's God know that you trust Him, and believe that He has your best interest at heart and will work things out according to His will, and His will is whats best for you. So I say in my final note, in the mist of chaotic, and challenging times, if you trust God enough to pray, trust God enough to Answer!

Bishop Rex A. Houston

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