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Do It God's Way

It is vitally important that we recognize when the ideas, and principles of this culture are pulling us away from God's principles. Certainly we have to deal with so many things on a daily basis, the children, the car, the house, finances, spouses, and so much more. We find ourselves strategizing how to deal with these things best. Many times we come up with ways to cope that are not pleasing to God.

TODAY is the day that we must realize that things work out best when we do it God's Way, God has a plan. Everything that you will encounter, every test and trial, every, situation that you will face, God has prescribed a solution in His Word, however we must pray, study, seek out His will for each situation.

The Word tells us clearly that we are to bring all things to God, by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving. Lets's ditch our strategy, even though it seems best, and it's actually what you want to do, ditch it for God's plan for in the end of the matter you will be glad, and God will be Glorified. Do it God's way even if it's not pleasing to you at the moment. I admonish you, His way is best.

Bishop Rex A. Houston

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