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Rex Houston's Bio

Rex A. Houston Official Music Bio
Please Request a full Bio if needed. Includes specific educational and ministerial information.
Bishop Rex A. Houston Houston matriculated at Jackson State University, High Tech Learning Institute, University of Phoenix, and Davenport University. His educational background includes degrees in Music and in Information Technology, Information systems, and theology and is pursuant of further degrees in Clinical Psychology with a specialization in counseling psychology at the Liberty University. He has most recently been inducted into the Cambridge Institute of Distinguished Individuals; additionally in 2010 Bishop Houston was inducted in the Society of Academic Leaders. He is also the CEO of 1Vision Music Group Inc., and Houston International.
Bishop Houston has accompanied many choirs, groups and soloist across the country. He was trained by David Curry of the Mississippi Mass Choir, as well as Minister Thomas Whitfield, and Dr. Mattie Moss Clark. Bishop Houston has accompanied the Clark Sisters, Andrae Crouch, Bishop Rance Allen, BB Winans, just to name a few. He also served as Dean of Music at the Mattie Moss Clark Conservatory of Music, Detroit, MI. For 5 years developing curriculum, instructional training, and as well as teaching keyboardist, and vocalist.
He has expertise in choir training, choral arranging, song writing. Bishop Houston has proven to be competent musician, psalmist, worship leader, and expositor of the Gospel in word and musically. Bishop Houston is a professional recording artist, he has recently shot videos as lead jazz pianist with his Jazz trio “Fusick”,for The Word Network, and Black Entertainment Television. Elder Houston also served as Minister of Music at Greater Emmanuel for 15 years, and is considered one of God’s Anointed vessels ministering to God’s people in the realm of Christian Music. During His tenure at Greater Emmanuel Church of God in Christ he also served as the personal organist of Bishop J. Drew Sheard for twenty three years, accompanying the Bishop in travel across the country and locally.
In the secular industry Bishop Houston is a Computer Engineer, he has taught in the Detroit Public school system, the Proprietary school system on High School and College level. His academic involvement has spanned 16 years or more. Elder Houston is an active technology educator, tutor and consultant. He is also an accomplished, and published author having produced 3 award winning publications “How to experience the true favor of God”, as well as the book and Television pilot GOT ISSUES? His latest publication was released in Nashville, Tn. April 13, 2012, “Eight Maxims of Personal Power.
Rex A. Houston Company, 734-658-3647; Email

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